Fun for the whole family: winter activities in Cape Town

winter activities - Cape Townwinter activities - Cape Town
winter activities - Cape Townwinter activities - Cape Town


Fun for the whole family: winter activities in Cape Town

As South Africans, we all know how beautiful Cape Town is, from the clear beach water to the beautiful table mountain. However, as much as we all love Cape Town, when it comes to winter we know how harsh it can be.

The change of season in Cape Town is evident, there are fewer locals and tourists on the road. People tend to want to stay indoors, but that needn’t be the case!.

There are many great places to visit and sights to see in Cape Town even during the winter. There are also numerous things to do with kids during the winter in Cape Town. It’s always great to spend time with your children, especially during public holidays or school holidays. As parents, you’re often so busy working and making a future for your children lives that you may forget to plan fun activities which are a great way for you and your children connect.

If you’re looking for family activities to do in Cape Town during winter, read our exciting tips down below.


Eat out with your children

Going out to grab a bite with your children is a small gesture which can have an immense impact on them. Children love feeling loved and spending time with them over a meal is a great start. You can go out for breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. Not only does breakfast have great benefits for your children, it is also a great way to start a day - bonding with your children. There are many kid-friendly restaurants where you and your family can enjoy breakfast, maybe even have waffles.

The nice thing about going out to is that rainy days won't stop you. You can also go to a cosy coffee shop, of which there are many in Canal Walk for you and your family can enjoy. Your children would love to have a nice cup of hot chocolate while you indulge in a delicious coffee.  


Watch a movie

While thinking of things to do during winter, watching a movie might not have been something you would consider. Because of all the live streaming options at our fingertips, it may be convenient to watch whatever you wish to watch at home, but being cooped up all day isn’t much fun, especially for children.

This is why it’s a great idea to take your children out to the cinema once in a while - it feels like a real treat. By going to the movies your children get to leave the house and socialise with people. Human connections are important and that's why it’s crucial that children don’t stay indoors all day, worse still, glued to their phones. Allow your children to enjoy popcorn and slush puppies just like you did when you were younger. Allow your children to make memories that they will cherish with their mom and dad.


Visit a wine farm

The mother city has the most beautiful vineyards which you can visit for lunch. Even in winter, there are those warm days when the sun comes out. What better than enjoying the sun than to go visit a wine farm, and even when it’s chilly out, nothing beats a glass of wine and a fireplace If you are not interested in wine tastings, you can still enjoy yourself with plenty other delights you can palate.

You and your children could have a nice lunch outside, looking over Cape Town and the vineyards. Your children could bask in the sun and take cute pictures with an impeccable view.


Indoor trampoline

Another great activity is going to an indoor trampoline. Every child will love it, it’s fun, and they get to play with other kids. The plus side is that it’s indoors so it’s great to winter activity and it’s a great activity for all ages.

Not only is indoor trampoline a fun activity it also is a great way of exercising. Instead of being cooped up in the colder weather, kids get to bounce about and be the playful energetic beings they are. Which works for mum and dad - a playful kid is a tired kid...which hopefully means earlier bedtime!


Final thoughts

As parents there are many demands you need to manage, personally and professionally, but, regardless of how busy one gets it’s important to make time to spend with ones kids.

It’s not just beneficial for your relationship but it gets kids out of the house and off of their screens. Even in winter,t  there are great places for you and your children to enjoy.

winter activities - Cape Town