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Cape Town TravelCape Town Travel
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Cape Town Travel Safety Tips

Cape Town is as safe as any other large metropolitan area as long as visitors use their heads and follow a couple of basic Cape Town safety travel tips.

Hotspots have been identified and security beefed up with a successful partnership between the city, Cape Town accommodation establishments, businesses and other interested parties. CCTV cameras have been erected to monitor dodgy areas and there is a strong security presence on the streets, with both foot patrols and mounted policemen.

Travel safety do's and don'ts

To ensure your travel safety, do not walk around the city and surroundings with large amounts of cash and other valuables on you. Keep cameras, mobile phones and other equipment out of sight and make sure you have made copies of crucial legal documents to stow in a safe place.

Avoid walking alone, especially after dark, in lonely and poorly lit areas and be aware that there are some areas of the city that are best avoided. Ask the advice of your Cape Town luxury apartment concierge or pop in at a Cape Town tourism office for more information.

If travelling by car, ensure your doors are locked and windows closed and do not leave valuables exposed, rather lock them in the boot. Be aware that car hijackings do occur, so be careful and observant at traffic lights or stop streets. Do not pick up hitchhikers.

Street scams

Remember there are predators on the streets, so avoid assistance at an ATM and do not fall prey to popular street scams which include:

  • 'Foreigners' asking for taxi fare to an important meeting as they've locked their keys in the car and only have foreign currency on them.
  • Kids carrying letters asking for financial contributions for their education.
  • People claiming they needed money to get to the hospital.

Although the city has a plan in place to assist street kids and beggars, there are still many of them on the streets. Please do not give them money; it'll simply feed either a drug or alcohol habit. Rather donate funds to the vast array of NGO's and government agencies dealing with the problem.

Cape Town travel emergency numbers

Please make a note of the following emergency numbers:

  • 112 - for all emergencies from your mobile phone
  • 107 - for all emergencies from a landline
  • 10111 - Western Cape South African Police Services Flying Squad
  • 10177 - Western Cape Ambulance service
  • 107 - Western Cape Fire Brigade
  • +27 21 418 2853 - Western Cape Tourist Police

Whether you're based in Waterfont holiday apartments or at any number of hotels in the city you can rest assured your Cape Town holiday will be a safe and secure journey of discovery.

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